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Song: Learn me right
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So I did another cover song :)

This is Learn Me right by Birdy and Mumford and Sons for the Disney/Pixar movie, Brave. I’m not sure who exactly wrote it, but it certainly was not me. I don’t own diddly squat okays?? Except for my voice, I own that :)

Anyway, I want to ask my followers what they think, and also, I did a cover of Leaves from the Vine a while back and was wondering if y’all would like to hear it since I’m getting super close to 60 followers and didn’t do anything when I hit the 50 follower milestone so yeah! Lemme know :)

Hope y’all enjoy!

I love this song and you did such a beautiful job with it! I like how echo-y it sounds. Your voice is gorgeous!

I would love to hear the Leaves from the Vine one if you post it! :D

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Song: Learn Me Right
Artist: Birdy & Mumford & Sons
Album: Brave
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Birdy and Mumford & Sons | Learn Me Right


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